HQ News
May 11, 2022

ELEVEN Italy has partnered with Lega Pro and DaChain to launch a collection of NFTs, celebrating the 2021/22 Serie C play-offs.

Every Serie C play-off fixture will be allocated its own NFTs, with the offering split into three categories. The first collection will be made up of match highlights. A second will feature play-off ‘collectibles’ including the play-off trophy and official match ball. An exclusive drop of play-off inspired digital artwork created by Italian artist Cristina Stifanic will also be created for the finalists.

Close to 5,000 NFTs are set to be released in total over the next two months, in the biggest NFT drop in Italian football to date.

Fans purchasing the NFTs will be given access to a number of additional benefits including merchandise, matchday tickets and discounted subscriptions for ELEVEN Italy for 2022/23.

Lega Pro are leading the initiative. ELEVEN will manage the preparation of the match-highlights NFTs and support with campaign promotion. DaChain, who are an all service platform for the creation and commercialisation of NFTs, will build the NFTs and make them available for purchase through the DaChain site. ELEVEN and DaChain are sister companies within the sports, media and technology investment group Aser Ventures.

Francesco Ghirelli, Lega Pro President, said: "Driving fan engagement through innovation is a key part of Lega Pro’s mission - and this project aims to make supporters even more passionate about the world of Serie C.”

Giovanni Zurleni, ELEVEN Italy Managing Director, added: “NFTs offer an exciting new way to connect fans with the teams they love and we look forward to working together with Lega Pro and DaChain to offer supporters the opportunity to experiment with this new technology.”

Marco Corradino, Founder and CEO of DaChain, added: "We are truly honoured to support Lega Pro and ELEVEN, to offer exclusive NFT content to Serie C fans for the first time.”

ELEVEN Italy delivers for underserved Italian sports fans with an OTT offering that includes comprehensive live coverage of Serie C together with a range of other local and international sport.